Mile-A-Day May

So, the reason you didn’t hear anything about a challenge for April is that I didn’t do one.  Oh well.  No biggie.

But, I had been thinking since January of Mile-A-Day May.  That is, running one mile each day for 31 days “culminating” (not really because it’s on the 29th but close) in the Bolder Boulder.  Really, running a mile only takes a maximum of twelve minutes, and I can totally find twelve minutes per day.  (I have a someday goal of running a sub-eight-minute mile, but that’s a different thing.)

And Mile-A-Day May has an alluring, alliterative name, doncha think?  🙂

It wasn’t until I was walking to work this morning that I remembered it was May 1.  Really, it was easy to forget since it was snowing and the sidewalks hadn’t been shoveled so I was walking in a few inches of slush which is how I discovered I have a hole in my boot.  Luckily even though we got twelve inches today, by early evening the roads and sidewalks were just wet (and puddly).

So, the shoes went on and out I went.  One day down, thirty to go.


Project “Run Faster” update:  I have been running, but only a little and not fast.  Blame shin splints and some other things, the outcome being that the BB may not be the 10K where I beat 1:00.  Still interested in that goal, though, (and the tantalizing PPA prize) so will have to see how things progress.

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