Summer in Paradise: Boulder, Colorado

After four feet of snow in April and another foot or so in May, it looks like summer is finally here.  And I have to say that after living here for more than ten years, I can tell you that Boulder is a paradise in the summer.

I think you either love Boulder or you hate it.  There is no in-between.  Obviously I love it.  It’s a large-ish town with a small town feel.  But what I love most are the Boulder summers.  The longer I’ve been here, the more fun things I find out that are going on in my town.  Here are some of the things I love about summer in Boulder (in part because one of the things I love most is being around lots of people who are having fun):

Boulder Creek Festival.  Even though I rarely purchase anything at this event, I have to attend this kickoff to summer each year during Memorial Day weekend.  Load up on free samples of juice and granola, stroll the artisan booths to see their creations, sing and dance at the Face concert, watch the rubber ducky race, giggle at the goofy Boulder hippies mixing with the tourist yuppies, it’s just an all-around good time and my FAVORITE weekend of the summer.

Heck, any day just go to the creek itself to hang out, picnic, dangle your feet, go tubing, go fishing, and early in the season even go kayaking.

Boulder Outdoor Cinema.  BYO lawn chair and five bucks to sit in the parking lot with a few hundred people to enjoy a fun movie.

The art fairs on Pearl Street.  For some reason I never seem to know in advance that these are happening.  I just walk to the mall one day and find vendors have set up hundreds of white tents full of sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, and fabric arts.

Boulder Race Series.  Three super short races through downtown, with all the fun that goes along with race environments.  (I could put Bolder Boulder on this list, but, well, duh.)

Bands on the Bricks.  Wednesday nights on Pearl Street there’s a different band each week and people gather to have fun and sing along with cover bands.

Twenty-Ninth Street Live.  Or if you prefer live music on Saturdays, you can head to 29th Street.

Monday Night Jazz.  Or music on Monday nights.

Dancing at the St. Julien.  They have live bands for things like salsa dancing out on their patio so often.  Just show up, enjoy the music, and cut loose!

Louisville Downtown Street Faire.  Okay, so not technically in Boulder, but still close enough to be worth checking out a few weekends.

Drinking rainforest iced tea and eating saag panir at the Dushanbe Tea House.  Mmm.  Yes, I realized I can do this any time during the year, but for some reason I seem to do it more often during the summer.

Mountains.  With the hiking trails less than ten minutes away you can easily escape to commune with nature.  Yesterday I took a two-hour drive with the Beatles cranked up.  It was fantastic.  Plus, altitude is a great way to escape the heat.

I’m sure there are other things that I should put in this list but right now actually I really really want to head down to Central Park to see them setting up for the creek fest.  Oooo, the excitement!!!!  Have a great holiday weekend, everybody!  Get out and explore your hometown.

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