Bolder Boulder 2013

I knew that I wasn’t going to break 60 minutes in this 10K, but based on recent developments my new goal was to run the entire thing.  No walking.

My Bolder Boulder time was twenty seconds slower than last year (I was trying to pace myself if I was going to run the whole thing) but I ran the entire thing!  Well, except for two brief sips of water.  The rest of the cups went over my head and my back and my shoulders and good gracious was it waaaaay too hot for a 7:30AM race…

At kilometer one, I was like, “Seriously?  RUN this whole thing?  I’m not sure I can make it to mile two.”  But slowly I watched the mile and kilometer markers tick by, and I made myself keep running.  I was almost tempted to do the slip-n-slide as an excuse to slow down, but I did that thing once and it’s gross.  Muddy and grassy and ick.  Though being drenched would have been nice…

I just kept telling myself that no matter what my pace ended up being I was going to go to the Face concert this afternoon.  🙂

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