Pictures and painting

So, yeah, I still have a big blank wall in my bedroom.

blank wallThe wind keeps knocking the lamp down.  #toostuffytoclosethewindows  And that’s usually as made as my bed gets.  #keepingitreal

For some reason this weekend I decided to start addressing that.  I bought some cheap-o frames and some blank canvases and found some old canvases that I had laying around.  Tried to figure out what a mini-gallery might look like on that wall (around the outlet and conduit).

framesI painted the night scene a few weeks ago at one of those wine-and-painting things.  The picture we were supposed to be painting was a birthday cake, but I could see no personal use for me to have a birthday cake painting.  So I found a painting on the interwebs somewhere that I can’t seem to re-find now.


Close up the frames definitely look like $1 frames, but they’re decent enough to get the job done at this point.  Selected some of my favorite photos taken last summer (Elizabeth Tower, Bath Circus, Windsor Castle moat garden, Aldeburgh beach tower, Prague at twilight, and Loreta Palace) and finally got them printed.


Had to start filling some of those canvases.  Took this as inspiration and started working on this on Saturday:

are you smiling

Sunday afternoon, thanks to a good ol’ Sharpie and last year’s IKEA catalogue, came up with this:

flowerI really debated if I should get a large print of this photo as well.  I took this last summer on day one of bike riding and it is one of my favorites.


But then I decided that it might actually be a good picture to try to paint.  So I did.

wheat field

As a rule, I’m not very fond of landscape paintings.  But this landscape that has meaning to me?  I kinda love it.  Okay, totally love it.  The wheat took way too long…

I lost my wallet sometime between yesterday afternoon when I ordered the photos online and this morning.  In between those, I did not go anywhere.  Which means my wallet is still somewhere in my living room.  I guess I had hoped that following an hour of searching/cleaning after church that after a few hours of creativity I’d get some more creative ideas where to look.  Or that my wallet would magically turn up.  You can guess how that turned out.  Tomorrow might be the beginning of emptying every drawer and box in my (thankfully small) apartment while I continue searching.  I have a bag of trash at the door ready to be thrown away but, even though I’ve already searched it, until I find my wallet I’m still far too nervous to take it to the dumpster.


Update: I forgot that I ran into work for five minutes Saturday evening.  When I arrived Monday morning, one of my coworkers handed me my wallet.  Yay!!!  Now the stinky trash can finally be evicted.

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