HIIT 30-day Challenge + Tour

My TV is slowly dying.  All of the inputs are dead (RCA, HDMI) except the coaxial, which means the only thing I can use it for is actually television — no DVDs, no hooking my computer up.  But it’s so tempting and easy for me to flip on the TV and mindlessly watch for hours.  And there’s nothing good on TV.  Really.  My landlord pays for a cable package with over 100 channels, and there’s just nothing good on.  Yet I watch anyway.

So I unplugged the TV and put it in the corner of my bedroom and replaced its spot with my exercise stuff.  Basically, “Bored and looking for something to do, Alissa?  How about some exercise instead of some tube?”

IMG_9685Box on the left has my weights, jump rope, etc and box on the right has workout clothes.  Plus half-marathon training schedule posted prominently.

But.  The TV had to come back out because of my new obsession that I discovered last year.  IMG_9687

I had never watched the Tour (never understood the appeal) until last year.  And I’m not sure why I started watching it, but I was hooked.  HOOKED, I tell you!  Especially as I started watching day after day and learned the strategy and the names of the key players and teams.  How can watching three or four hours straight of cycling be this captivating?!?  It’s not the crashes, I’ll tell ya that; I cringe so much each time someone goes down.

So I think for the next three weeks my schedule will probably be something like (1) wake up at 5:00 or 5:30, (2) go for a short run on some days, (3) watch the Tour while doing morning strength training and getting ready for work, (4) drag myself away to go to work — wishing SOOO hard that they’ll finish up the stage before I have to climb on my own bike.  Maybe I’ll have to pull up live feed in the corner of my computer at work to watch the last half hour while checking morning e-mail.

My friend posted this 30-day HIIT challenge to Facebook, and I decided to give it a go.  By the end of the month I’m supposed to be doing 40 pushups?  Gulp!  Seems impossible for a person who regularly refers to herself as having the upper-body strength of a seven-year old.  But you start at just 5 pushups on the first few days.  So I decided on something else gulp-worthy: regular pushups.  No knee pushups.  It was HARD, y’all!  I could only get about halfway down before I had to push back up.  I could not go all the way down.  Hoping for progress.

Oh, by the way, my garden is doing pretty well this year.  Especially my tomatoes — which had a tough time starting but now are going strong.  Got my first six tomatoes off my sun gold tomato plant, which the master gardeners at the hardware store raved about SO much I purchased kinda just to shut them up.  But they were right: some of the tastiest tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.  They pretty much go straight off the plant into my mouth.  IMG_9684

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