Wednesday night.  Burpees.  And it was on about burpee number five that I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my left arm.  Most of my range of motion was still fine and painless, but turning it just right brought a grimace to my face and a yelps of pain.

Icing through residual soreness over the next few days.  I had been planning to sign up for the Crossfit base camp intro course, but there’s no way that would happen with one arm partially out of commission.

Today I went to talk with a PT at work.  After a half hour of poking and twisting and “does this hurt?” and “how about now?” my arm ached even more and I left with theraband exercises and a potential diagnosis: a small bicep or labral tear.

It was nice to have an expert confirmation to what I suspected, but I was also so very disappointed.

Over the previous ten days I’d worked my way up to TEN push ups — and I was so so so proud after never having done a real push up my entire life.  I was now setting my sights on another challenge: my first pull up.  Yup, I’ve never been able to do a pull up.  Ever.  I’m not sure if maybe the six broken bones in my arms before the age of 14 have something to do with that…  (Yeah, I’m a wee bit clumsy.)

It’s quite frustrating to really want to be healthier and stronger and fitter, but be limited by your body.  Like getting shin splints every time I train for a half marathon.  And now hurting my arm when I start adding strength training into my routine (and really enjoy it!).  Even if 95% of my arm’s movements are still just fine and dandy.

I got lightheaded and teared up when the PT confirmed it was a tear.  As I laid down she said that’s actually extremely common.  It’s unsettling to know there’s something wrong in your body, that something’s not working correctly.

Hopefully in a few months I’ll get a chance to finally do a strength training course.  In the meantime, it’s was comforting to know that I still have running.  And to read this great comic on just how weird and awesome running can be.

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