Dear People-Who-Design-Jeans

Dear People-Who-Design-Jeans:

… Seriously?



People with hourglass figures


These are from Mossimo at Target.  I learned YEARS ago that any pair of pants that says Mossimo has a kangaroo pouch in the back.  But yes, I bought these jeans even though I could store several water bottles in that waistband, so feel free to point fingers.

What can I say?  I was feeling a bit shamed by my monochromatic wardrobe (what? black goes with everything!) and they were seven dollars.  Seven dollars for bright teal jeans.  My hips and thighs are big enough to keep them from falling down — I don’t even own any belts — and I have plenty of long-enough shirts that I can wear with them.

Doesn’t keep me from rolling my eyes every time I pull these on and contemplating how many Junior Mints I could smuggle into a movie theater back there.

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