Running Hot

People who run in the middle of the day are masochists.  MASOCHISTS, I tell you!

I <3 MapMyRun

I turned out the light last night at 9:30, totally with the intention of getting up early this morning for a run.  But when 5:45 rolled around, I was really unmotivated and didn’t want to.  So I didn’t by telling myself I would run at lunch.

Gee whillickers, but it was hot.  Hot hot hot.  And I have very low tolerance for hot.  The weather people say it’s currently 81 degrees outside, but I think they’re lying.  Jerks.

Maybe this was just the motivation I need to get up early tomorrow.  About a mile in, when the heat was really starting to get to me and I bemoaned my slow pace and was a bit fearful about getting a fast enough time in my race, I thought, “Maybe tomorrow morning would be a good sprinting day.”


Sidenote: College campuses are a great place to run.  Lots of public access buildings with bathrooms and drinking fountains for whenever you need to stop.

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