Jenny Simpson’s World Championship Race

I checked the IAAF schedule this morning and noted that the women’s 1500m final was taking place at 11:20 local time.  Bummer, right in the middle of a meeting!  And I doubted they’d let me slip out for four minutes.  Though perhaps I should have asked…

So at 11:30 as folks discussed something not relevant to me, I began coaxing my ipod touch to Google the results.  I just had to know how Jenny Simpson did!  What can I say?  I love my Boulder athletes — especially my fellow CU alums.  🙂

After a full ten minutes of trying to reload the IAAF homepage on my very outdated little machine I decided to look up the USA Track and Field twitter account instead, where I was greeted with this tweet:


As the meeting adjourned I told my coworker, fellow CU alum and track and field enthusiast.  I knew she was the only one there who could share my excitement.

Then I went back to my desk and retweeted it.

When I finally found a video of the full race this afternoon, I was even more impressed by her performance.

I guess in a way it’s weird to be proud of a person that you’ve never met and only saw in person once from across a crowded fieldhouse.  But today I don’t care.  Go, Jenny!!

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