Boulder Flood, part 5: more anecdotes

On the first day of the flood – when conditions were still terrible and showing signs of worsening – a commentor on a Daily Camera article about flood conditions said, “I’m currently gathering two of every animal I can. If the rain/flooding subsides, we’re gonna have ONE HELL OF A BBQ!”  I laughed out loud.  Thank you, internet citizen, for bringing some levity to the situation.

The Twitter feed for McGuckins (a LEGENDARY and much-beloved store in Boulder) was all sump pumps, all the time.  I realize it was totally a serious and important subject, but looking back at the tweets afterward just made me giggle.  


This exchange between a student and the CU-Boulder Rec Center after the building had opened but then was forced to close again also made me giggle.


And now for an anecdote about small miracle.  On the Wednesday night of the flood, my phone was dead.  Like ran-out-of-battery-and-shut-itself-off dead.  I charged it for only 45 minutes – because that was when I saw the emergency text had come in and I abandoned my home.  Despite receiving over 80 text messages in the next two days and making dozens of phones calls (and not having a charger!), my battery continued to show as completely full all day Thursday and Friday.  It wasn’t until Saturday morning – after I had lugged it up to the mountains and it had been on roaming for eight hours – that the battery finally died again.

Usually, with minimal use, I’m lucky to get my dumbphone to stay charged for three days.  A smidge of charging and WAY more intense use than that little phone has ever seen, and the battery lasted through it all?  Total miracle.

I love my phone.  Seriously.

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