Halfway out of the dark

People call it many things: solar-powered, sun “worshipper”, seasonal affective disorder, but the point being I like the sun.  Not laying out in the sun and getting toasted — I’m not a person who loves intense heat — but I do love light.  And during the winter when the sun’s barely up when I leave for work and already asleep when I’m headed home, I get grumpy.  And tired.  And cranky.  Some people love winter, but I’m just trying to push my way through until it’s over.  Not because of the cold or the snow (both are fine by me), but because of the dark.

The winter solstice is one of my favorite days of the year because it signals the end of things getting dark and the beginning of things getting light.  It’s the promise of light.  You’re halfway out of the dark.

Yesterday was solstice, and last night I went to church.  Our service ended with everyone singing Silent Night by candlelight.  And before we all lit our candles the pastor spoke of the comfort of light and how Jesus is the light of the world.

Picture of last night from my friend Rachel's instagram.

And I thought how appropriate it was that we celebrate the birth of Christ during the darkest season of the year.  How God came down to us to save us from the darkness of our life without Him.  How Jesus was the light of the world and His birth the promise of salvation that would be fulfilled at Easter.

What a glorious way to spend the darkest night of this year!

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