Apartment tour: the quirky parts

I’m celebrating my sixth anniversary this weekend, and I’m more smitten than ever.  Sure, things aren’t perfect, but over the years we’ve learned how to make things work.  Oh apartment, how I love you!

To celebrate I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my home, but not the usual home tour folks do (even though my home is freshly cleaned and purged and organized).  Instead, I thought I’d show you some quirks about my domestic life.  Common sights around here but that might make you might scratch your head if you stopped by.  I PROMISE there’s method to my home’s madness!  🙂

The pink sheet on the red couch. 

IMG_9850No, this isn’t en vogue decorating.  I love my couch.  It’s so comfy, and I try to take care of it (even rotating the seat cushions).  And often this twenty-year-old flannel sheet gets spread out.  Because when I take a nap I like to protect the microfiber from my skin oils.  I don’t know if it actually protects anything or it just psychological.  And then sometimes the sheet just stays there for a few days.  Totally normal around here.

Clean dishes huddling under the London underground. 

IMG_9859Before I went to London, they were still there – just covered by a red dish towel instead.  I hate washing dishes, and I hate drying them.  I avoid the latter half of that headache by creatively stacking them so that air circulates.  Then they get a tent because they’re right next to the window and lots of dust blows in.

Blanket only, no topsheet. 

IMG_9853Occasionally I’ll make my bed the proper way with a topsheet and blankets and bedspread – just to feel fancy, like I’m in a hotel or something.  But defaulting to just a blanket is ideal for me.  I hate sleeping hot, and this lets me kick my feet or legs free.  I keep other blankets and comforters at the foot of the bed to pull over if it does get cold at night.  (Which is rare.  That room is really stuffy.  Which contributes to needing to be able to cool off.)

Also, TV perched in the corner of the bedroom.  

I literally carry it out to the living room whenever I want to watch something.  It’s too easy to sit like a lump all weekend if it’s hooked up in my living room.  So today it’s coming out for the Broncos game, then it’ll get tucked away probably until the Olympics.

Clothes in the living room. 

IMG_9862Moving my clothes from the bedroom closet to the coat closet is one of the best decisions I’ve made.  Between my drab, stuffy bedroom with the tiny windows and the ancient bifold closet doors that get stuck, it’s so much better to have all my clothes in the room where I sort laundry, fold laundry, and even get dressed each morning – where I can see the sunrise out of the huge picture windows.  (Don’t worry; they’re also half frosted.)

Ketchup bottle in the bathroom.

IMG_9851It’s not actually ketchup.  I got it from the dollar bin at Target a few years ago, knowing I’d find a purpose for a squeeze bottle.  The mustard bottle got used for honey, and this one gets used for when I rinse my hair with baking soda and vinegar – the same way you’d use an at-home dye kit, so I can reach the roots.

A plunger that can’t plunge any clogs.  

IMG_9852Holey plunger plus bucket equals washing machine.  After a run I’ll toss my stinky clothes in the bucket with water and a splash of white vinegar.  Plunge to agitate and clean some of that stink out.  It works, y’all!

Floor vanity.

IMG_9863When your eyesight is so bad that your focal point is eight inches, you need your nose seven inches from the mirror.  Even after laser eye surgery, I still sit here on the floor every morning to brush my hair, apply eyeliner, and occasionally curl my hair (that white ottoman holds my hair dryer and curler).

Storing things out in the open. 

IMG_9861I don’t own much furniture (bed, couch, two chairs, dresser, desk).  So nearly everything is stored out in the open – including shoes, coats, and the “altar of tea” as some have called it.  It works for me because I like knowing where everything is.  The downside is that if ANYTHING is out of place everything looks messy.

Other interesting things in my apartment: bicycle parked in the living rooms, zip-ups stored on the front door, the bookshelf under the sofa, the “shelf of useful items” in the hallway, vacuum cleaner in the corner like it’s in time-out, and meticulously-stacked tupperwares (oh yes, they are ALWAYS guaranteed to be organized).

It takes time to learn the ins and outs of a place and how to maximize it for the way that you live.  After six years I feel like this apartment and I know each other pretty well, and I look forward to many more years in this wonderful relationship.

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