Secretary Tales, issue #1

Sometimes my coworkers crack me up.  I need a place to start sharing these stories… 

A customer commented on our waiting area being bland, and I was tasked at looking into some plant options.  When I went down there I noticed someone had already taken action, relocating an enormous ficus from another office.

So I e-mailed the group: “As a follow up from yesterday’s meeting, the waiting room currently DOES have a plant – one of those giant trees from [other office].  It looks good in the space and I’m not sure if we have room for another plant unless we sacrifice seating.”

L’s reply: “I think that it’s C’s ficus tree, recently put back into the waiting room. Alissa’s correct about not being much additional room.”

V chimed in: “I think we call it good. One comment does not mean we need to go overboard with plants.”

B replied: “Oh, geez!  I was hoping for a rain forest (with anacondas and such).”

L’s response: “There’s plenty of room in the ficus for an anaconda. As long as we don’t study the snake, we won’t have to submit an IACUC proposal. There’s going to be a lot of paperwork, including IRB approval, if we ever want to dissect it to see who it ate. But, as long as we keep it as a pet, and look the other way at meal times, we’re good.”


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