Secretary Tales, issue #2

My coworkers crack me up sometimes.  I need a place to start sharing these stories. 

J asked me to schedule a 90-minute meeting for him with M and L. I checked their calendars and found a time that worked and asked where he’d like to meet.  “M’s office– no, wait!  L’s office!”

“Uh, I guess that’ll motivate you guys do what you need to do and not dawdle.”  L’s office measures in at a whopping 65 square feet.  “Seriously?  You want me to put that as the location?”

“Yeah! Let’s do it!”  Why not?  So out the invite went.

On the heels of the invite came an e-mail to the three of us from J: “We finish this policy or no one leaves the room.”

I replied all: “I’ll start poking tortillas under the door if four or more hours have elapsed.”

L replies all: “Given the opportunity for tortillas, How about a five hour meeting?”

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