Florence’s story

We had our first team meeting this week for our Musana trip.  I feel so humbled to have been chosen and be among these great people!  I look forward to getting to know them more over the next few months.

Dana – one of our co-leaders who worked as an intern at Musana – told us a story about their women’s project that I found pretty amazing.

The women’s project there employs local women in making jewelry and sewing textile products, but another thing they do is small business loans.  The women can submit proposals for their business ideas.  Their peers choose who should get the $300 loan.  After the business has started and the loan is repaid, they choose the next recipient.  I was so excited to hear about this model of peers supporting each other in this process!  What a great way to get community investment and support!

Florence was a widow who lived in the slums.  They asked what she knew how to do and she said, “I can make bricks.”  With a loan, she started a brick-making business!  Musana even bought some bricks from her when they needed to build a new building.

This is only one story of the amazing things God is doing through Musana.

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