Welcome to Uganda

So, by the time you read this, I’m probably somewhere in Uganda.  I’m nervous.  Can I give you a list of six really silly prayer requests as I start this adventure?

Pray for my sleep.  I neeeed sleep.  If I don’t have real, good sleep – at least seven hours of it – I am a zombie.  And not the kind that can be woken up with coffee.  I’m physically ill.  If I can’t sleep, I won’t be able to teach these lessons.  Pray that I can sleep well while staying in this new place.

Pray for my reaction to heat.  My body does not like extremes, and that includes temperatures.  But given the option I’d rather be cold than hot – because at least you can drink hot beverages, huddle near heaters, and put on my clothes and blankets.  With heat, there’s not much that can be done.  And I just melt in the heat and become another kind of zombie – also one that may be unable to teach.  Being on the Equator in the summer could be a challenge.  Please pray that I can tolerate the heat.

Pray for the food.  My stomach has a history of being finicky, and so I don’t know how eating this different food will go over.  The primary food there is poshu, which is just cornmeal and water cooked together.  I’ve heard from some who have been before that it’s… not that great.  But that’s what they have to eat.  And I want to be respectful of them and share their food – not go running back to the dorm to eat a Clif Bar.  Please pray that the food goes down well and that it would not be a hindrance to building community.

Pray for my ears.  By that I mean accents.  I have so much trouble understanding accents!  I want to be able to understand what the children and staff are saying without too much difficulty.  Some awkward misunderstanding could be fun or funny, but especially when it comes to planning out how we’re going to teach the lessons I need to be able to hear and understand.  If in Acts 2 the Holy Spirit was able to make everyone hear in their own language, surely God can do something here.  Please pray for our communication.

Pray for my shyness.  Every time I take a personality test I seem to come out borderline introvert and extrovert.  Because around people who I know very well and am comfortable around, you can’t get me to shut up.  Or put me on stage or in front of a camera and I become a ham.  But I hate meeting new people.  I just clam up and don’t know what to say or where to start.  Pray that God would give me the courage to open up.

Pray for the Malarone.  It’s an anti-malarial drug, and one of the rare side effects is basically anxiety and depression.  As someone who has struggled with depression in the past (and already has enough anxiety about preparing for teaching these lessons), the last thing I would need is to get slammed with it in the middle of a foreign country.  Please pray for my health.

More to come!  Stay tuned.  And remember that you can also follow along on our team blog over here.

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