Final VBS preparations

It’s Saturday, and the day that I meet my Musana cohort to help with the Bible story station that I’ve been assigned to be the planner for on our end.  At least, Saturday is when they told us we’re supposed to meet.  Who knows exactly when that’ll happen.  Or if – since the Bible story station is the wild card.

Writing this beforehand, I admit I’m completely nervous about this.  More nervous than actually getting up and telling Bible stories to 500 kids.  WAY more nervous.

First there’s the fact that I’m shy around people I don’t know.  And I’m going to meet with and plan implementation with a person I’ve never met.

Then there’s the fact that my default mode if someone doesn’t take the lead is to take the lead myself.  And while this is the station where we’ve acknowledged there’s a high possibility that may happen, we are ultimately supposed to be handing the projects over to them.  Honestly, I’d be more comfortable running things myself that trying to teach someone.  This could be an extreme test of my abilities and comfort zones.

So how to potentially teach someone else how to tell the Bible story that they haven’t prepped for weeks like I have?  Even if not teach it, how to plan to work together to introduce or tell the story?  We’ve been warned in advance about how to communicate in Uganda.  If you suggest something, they will agree with it.  We’re supposed to empower them so that they can implement programs like these themselves if they choose.  How to coach without leading the witness?

I have no ideas.

I’m quite nervous.

So I need some prayer, please.  Please please please please please.

Thank you.  🙂

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