Secretary tales, issue #6

The glamorous life of a secretary isn’t all scheduling meetings. I hereby present to you things found during the great crawl-under-all-the-desks-to-detangle-the-phone-and-power-cords project of 2014:

Six pairs of shoes
One pair of socks
One computer keyboard
One wooden shelf
A chair massager
Two potato chips – one kettle, one ridged
One jelly bean
Approximately one mole of dust bunnies (can you use that unit for dust bunnies? I’m not certain…)
Two hundred feet of unnecessary cable length
Eight antiquated power strips
Six cords plugged into nothing but the wall
And two coffee pots plugged into a power strip, plugged into a power strip, plugged into an extension cord, plugged into the wall

And they wondered why the breaker kept tripping. #if1isgood2isnotalwaysbetter

(This was not in my office, but in three crowded group offices. To compare, some of the things I have under my desk:

Three pairs of shoes
A college anatomy book
A Nerf gun)

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