Secretary tales, issue #7

A little fitness group has sprung up at my workplace.  Twice a week we do boot camp, we’ll go for runs, etc.

D, who is not part of this group, was talking across the hall with J earlier this week about planks.  (This kind, not this kind.)  He’s been trying to get in shape and is still too intimidated to join boot camp, I think.  He’d never done planks before so J began instructing him how he should have a goal to hold it for one minute, and making sure your backside doesn’t stick up.  Others showed up and contributed their own comments and advice – like how you can advance to one arm / one leg planks and side planks as well as increase the length of time.

This morning, J calls out, “Morning, D.  How’re the planks going?”

D: “I did more of them!  But I think I’m going to need your help.”

J: “You need me to evaluate your posterior?”

D: “I need you to check out my butt.”

Next thing I know D and J are on the floor in the office evaluating each other’s plank posture.

And I’m wondering what customers would think if they walked in right now…

(Okay, to be fair, I was one of the people on the floor demonstrating plank posture earlier this week.  But I’m known for being an odd duck.  I just never thought I’d see men in dress clothes drop down and plank on the spot.)

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