Secretary Tales, issue #8

Remember my last post about planks?  (What is plank?  Video.)  They’re the latest hot subject of conversation in the office.  So on Monday boss asks me to schedule a plank competition.

I think this is one of those “other duties as assigned” things, and is kind of an occupational hazard when you’re someone’s assistant…

Some scheduling assignments make me want to pull my hair out, but this one amuses me.  Because ever since we started twice-a-week lunchtime boot camp this spring (and later twice-a-week lunchtime runs), the work environment just seems to be getting better.  It’s still a small group, but we’re growing.  And I love that there are people from all different departments that are joining in – or even just expressing interest.  Inter-office camaraderie is improving.

I scheduled the competition one month away to give folks time to ramp up, and the trash talk is already starting.  There’s also a lot of speculation about who’s going to win.  “M is super fit and crazy competitive.”  “J’s also fit and competitive.  How long can you plank, J?”  “Probably two minutes, but I’m watching out for A.  She works out every day and never seems to feel pain or even look out of breath.”  “Wait, what about T?”  “Oh, I forgot about him.  We definitely shouldn’t rule him out.”  People are even suggesting that I’m a contender, which is quite flattering.  (I did 90 seconds yesterday, and today it hurts to cough.)

I have no idea how many people are going to show up for ten minutes during our lunchtime plank challenge, but I think it’s going to be a blast.  We may overrun the conference room though and have to line up down the hallway – which could make for an awesome photo op.  Boss is getting disappointed though that so many longer-than-two-minute contenders will be there; he’s trying to recruit people that he thinks he can beat.

The ultimate point, though, isn’t to win.  (Well, unless you’re M.)  The point is we are getting healthy, having fun, and enjoying our coworkers.  And that’s what I’ll enjoy most about watching this next month as we countdown to to plank competition.


Want to train to improve your plank time?  Check out this one-month plank challenge.  It’s what a lot of us are using to train and bring our A game!  🙂

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