Secretary Tales, issue #9

We have just under three weeks to go until the office-wide plank off, and the trash talk is REALLY heating up.  Actual e-mails:

“P just laughed at my 2 minutes and 45 second plank!  He said he has nothing to worry about!!”

“My impression is that P is too concerned about the crease in his pants to jeopardize it with holding a plank for more than 30 seconds.”

P: “No doubt one of you will win the trash talking award.  I’ve tried to remain above the fray, to be polite.  The trash talking award is not my goal.  In tomorrow’s newsletter I will include a Plank Blog – tips for our staff who plan to compete.  Just to show my good faith towards all, I will personally send each of you the blog – you might learn something!”

“The thin veneer of civilization is easily cast off in the heat of competition! Incidentally, I’m only up to a 2 minute plank; but, then again, I had a 300 pound safe on my back when I did it!  I stopped at 2 minutes because the safe was getting tired.”

“Are you saying we were civilized before this? We are just really getting to know one another – competition reveals all. But I know there a lot of secret planking going on out there!”

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