Releasing expectations

“Don’t let your expectations steal your joy. Today my focus will be on the beauty of what is, not on what I think it should be.”

A friend recently posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was incredibly profound and spot on.  Because I have a tendency to focus on what I don’t have rather than what I do, what I wish something were instead of what it is.

I over think things.  A lot.  Which is actually probably why I blog – as a release valve for some of those thoughts.  It’s rare that I can look at or be in a situation and just accept it for what it is without overlaying expectations on it, for better or for worse.  In work, in friendships, in relationships, in running, in travel, in teaching Sunday school…  I always find myself taking things out ten steps down the road instead of focusing on today and now.

I believe that God has a long-term plan, but I think most times he doesn’t choose to reveal it.  It’s an exercise in trust.  Will my dreams be fulfilled?  Will my nightmares come true?  Will I succeed?  Will I fail?  Most often things end up somewhere in the middle.  Today,  it’s just about daily bread.

And I’ve been convicted about releasing all of these worries and anxieties and resting in the Lord.

God, Today I Give You My Expectations.

IMG_20140731_082441And I choose joy.


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