Discipline of Celebration

I didn’t make any formal resolutions this year.  But one informal one is to embrace the discipline of celebration.

It’s hard to celebrate the day-to-day.  Wake up, brush teeth, pack lunch, go to work, schedule meetings, type reports, go home, make dinner, read, crash, repeat.  But there are million little moment crammed in there that are worth celebrating if I just pause.  Breathe.  Look around.  Mindfully relish the moment.

Yesterday one moment was this.


Seeing the spectacular sunset outside my window at work, and just pausing for five minutes to watch the colors change as the clouds rolled in over the mountains.  Being grateful for a God who made the skies but also made US with a sense of beauty to appreciate his creation.

Today it was bidding adieu to my old old old mattress that makes my back hurt.  But first this had to happen.

oldI only hit my head on the rafters once.

And then in under five minutes the AFW guys dragged it away and replaced it.

So then there was this.


And tonight I will sleep like the happiest person on the planet.

God, make me grateful.  Help me celebrate the little moments in life.  Because life is all little moments strung together like a series of pearls on a string, and each is here one moment and gone the next.

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