After the first day of Musana VBS, I asked some of the children hanging around me what the best part was.  (They don’t really use the word favorite, instead asking questions like “What is your best color?”)  Some of them thought for a moment, some of them had an immediate answer, but all of them had the same answer.  “Bible story.”

“Even more than snack?!” I teased.  After all, in snack station they got candy – a rare treat.  Some thought for a moment, some didn’t, all still agreed Bible story was their favorite.

They said this to me last year too, and I thought they were just being polite since I was the one helping lead the Bible story station.  But then other leaders came up to me afterwards to tell me that the kids were saying how much they loved Bible story.  Even the snack station leader said the kids liked Bible story more.  Last year I was just bemused and didn’t think much of it.

This year when they said it to me again, I thought about it more.  The Bible story on the first day was about God taking care of Elijah in the desert, feeding him with ravens.  The theme for the day was “God has the power to provide”.

And I realized how much more true that is in their lives than in mine.

To be honest, I don’t rely on God much to provide.  I rely on myself.  The job I have, the money I make, who I know.  I plan that if things go wrong in my life, I will have to take care of myself.  I have never one day in my life gone to bed hungry, or without shelter, and I somehow believe that is a result of my own work.  But in reality, it’s an illusion.  It is only by the provision of God that I have not been a victim of poverty, violence, war, illness, earthquake, flood, and countless other tragedies.

Compare that to my friends in Uganda.  Whose families struggle to put food on the table each day.  Who do not have a savings account.  Who do not have adequate medical care.  Who have been rescued from abuse or abandonment.  Who quite literally know the meaning of Jesus’ prayer for God to “give us this day our daily bread”.

I would imagine that when this is your world, it’s hard to be lukewarm about Jesus.  You either have hope in God, or you have despair.  What other alternatives are there?

So if you were in their shoes, think of going to hear a Bible story that reminds you God has the power to provide.  Of course he does!  You’ve seen it in your own life because you’re still here.  You’re receiving education, three meals a day, and sleep each night in a bed of your very own.

Wouldn’t this reminder be the highlight of your day?  More than a game or an experiment or a craft or even a snack, the encouragement that God is powerful and he loves you and will take care of you?

I want to be better at recognizing God’s provision in my own life.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Phil 4:19

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