And I long to be content but not complacent.  To experience joy with what I have, where I am, and who God has made me to be — but never to stop growing, learning, maturing, and trying to make my corner of God’s world a better place by showing love to his people.

I heard a friend use the phrase “content but not complacent” at Bible study but I couldn’t remember who said it, just that I liked it, so I named my blog after it.  Then he read my blog and told me it was him that said it, so formal credit to Mr. David Burke for the title!

I’m an artist by nature though not by vocation. I have a degree in architecture but pay the rent as a professional people-organizer and Word / Excel ninja – though many just call that a secretary. On the side, I make a fool of myself in front of first graders every weekend as a Sunday school teacher.

I like hats, Earl Grey tea, anything lime-flavoured, the British “u”, blank books, deep conversations on spiritual topics, and proper punctuation — particularly the Oxford comma.  I’m obsessed with the Olympics and a bit of an Anglophile so I decided to kill two bird with one stone in summer 2012.

I dislike peas, speed bumps, dirty hands, mosquitoes, and when Microsoft Office updates are redesigned but reduce practical functionality.  I’m terribly hipster-ish in that I dislike it when things I enjoy become mainstream, because I feel like people will think I just like things because they’re popular.

I have the upper body strength of a seven-year-old – but I’m working on changing that (life goal: a pull up).  I love to surround myself with color, but I wear an lot of black and grey because I like things to match.  Here’s a random things list I posted on Facebook back when it was popular to do that; most are probably still accurate.

Blog header photo was taken along the South Boulder Creek trail during a fall bike ride with my friend.  And the selfie above was taken waiting to exit a parking garage on my birthday at my birth minute (5:07PM MST).

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